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7 Signs That Indicate That Your Business Website Needs a Redesign

7 Signs That Indicate That Your Business Website Needs a Redesign

7 Signs Your Business Website Needs a Redesign

Being one of the biggest marketing tools for your business, your business website needs to be made in a way that urges your potential customers to stay on your site. It should be able to engage them in a way that makes them want to trust your business and brand. Your business website is the entry point for people to get to know your business and if they don’t like what they see at first glance, they’ll simply just move on to a better option.

So, if your business is not seeing the success as you had envisioned it, then it might be the time for you to revamp your website design. But how do you know when your business site needs a redesign? This is what we want to talk to you about here in this article.

Below are the 7 Biggest Signs that you Needs to Redesign your Business Website

  1. Your Website is Difficult to Navigate

When your website is difficult to navigate, a person visiting your site won’t stay there for long. Difficult navigation means that your visitors are having a hard time getting to what really matters. A website design that creates confusion and frustration in the minds of your visitors just won’t bring you the results that you want.

If you want to enhance the user experience on your site, you need to plan about enhancing the navigation experience across all sections of your site. You need to guide your visitors through the buying cycle in a fun and engaging way through your website design.

  1. Your Website is Not Responsive

In simple terms, being responsive means that your business website adjusts well to different screen sizes across different devices. It works well on all these devices and promotes a smooth user experience.

Now, if your business site is designed for a specific screen size i.e. the UI gets messed up when you visit the site on a different device let’s say a Smartphone, this creates a bad first impression for your business. Not to mention you’d be missing out on a huge potential market of smartphones users who are making their purchases with their phones. You need to create a responsive business site design that is made in accordance with the latest website design standards.

  1. Your Competitors are Offering Better User Experience

In the competitive online marketplace, if you are not providing better value to your potential customers as compared with your competition, you have no chance of making your business a massive success. And if you want to beat your competition, especially the ones that are doing better than you, you need to know what they are doing differently.

You need to analyze their website design to see how they are facilitating the process of guiding their visitors through their buying journey. After that, you just need to find a way to do it better than your competition through your business website design.

  1. Your Bounce Rate is Going Up

Don’t worry if you are new to this term, Bounce Rate simply means the number of visitors to landed on your site and left without checking out other pages on your website. You can check the bounce rate of your site in your Google Analytics Report under the Audience Overview section.

Higher Bounce rate mean that people are not finding your websites to be engaging enough to stay. Your website design is not attractive and engaging enough to make them want to stay. So, if this is happening to you, better start thinking about Website Redesign before it’s too late.

  1. Your Website Design is Outdated   

People know a professional website when they see one. If we were to show a bunch of website designs from let’s say 5 years ago, you’d know instantly that they are old, right? It’s just that the website design standards have changed a lot over the years. And if you are still using outdated conventions like badly placed content, flashy animations, and bad color schemes, you can’t expect to increase your business sales like that.

You need to make sure that your business website design has incorporated latest UI design approach which gives off a professional yet friendly feel.

  1. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, if your business website doesn’t work well on mobile devices, you can’t make it appear at the top of search engines. Google has declared mobile optimization to be one of its website ranking factors. That is because potentially half of your audience would be visiting your website through their smartphone. And if your website doesn’t work well on mobiles, your business just won’t make the kind of impact that you want it to.

So, test your business website on different mobile devices and make sure to enhance the user experience for your potential customers when they are visiting your site on their mobile phones.

  1. Your Conversion Rates are Low

With SEO, you can make your business appear at the top of search engines and can increase your websites visitors, but if those visitors are not converting, you are basically wasting all your SEO efforts. If your business is not making sales as per your expectations, then it might be because of the fact that your business websites has a poor design.

Having a website design with clear Calls to Action, Social Proof, Clients Testimonials and stuff like that would make your website easier to navigate for your audience. Which would in turn, increase the conversion rates for your business website.

Final Words

When your online business is not showing the results that you want, investing in website redesign can give you the potential jumpstart that your business needs. You need a simple to navigate website design with stunning visuals and such responsiveness that people don’t want to leave from there. Website Design is the key element that can skyrocket your business sales. So, keep in mind the signs that we talked about here and make sure to invest in a Website Design that represents your business and its core values.